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Electric Bike Tours Are Better!

Greenbelt Bike Tours features electric "pedal assist" bike tours of Scottsdale, Az. You can pedal our bikes or use the pedal assist option that let's you explore more! We specialize in taking executive groups of 12-15 people out for an experience to discover parks, paths, mountains, homes as other unique locations and experiences. We also cater to smaller groups of 2 or more. Our tours are hosted by facilitators who will highlight interesting facts and details along the way with insider information at fun stops and a message of "get out and play." Tours run 2.5-4.0 hour depending on the tour you choose. All tours are on paths provided by local municipalities and we follow all the rules of the path, parks and roads.

Please Note: All tours start in the Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club Parking Lot at 7605 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250in the South Parking Lot.

Get to Know Your Hosts

Todd & Marsha Davis

We're not renting bikes, we are providing a tour with experts on work-life balance and the Scottsdale Greenbelt. Todd Davis has been in the field of Recreation for 40+ years and worked in Scottsdale Parks in the late 70's and continued from there to build a successful corporate recreation business. He and Marsha currently facilitate team experiences including “Life Leisure Balance” and teach Recreation and Quality of Life in college. The Greenbelt tour experience will connect your participants with Fun Away from work while integrating stops to connect with the outdoors and a have more fun message.

John Keen

John Keen is our lead guide as he takes you on paths throughout the Scottsdale area.  He has been riding bikes for years and knows the safest and most "visual" tour for your group.  John loves adventure and has been on many worldwide bike tours himself including Chile, Whistler, New Zealand, Switzerland and throughout the US. He embraces this venture with a spirit of adventure and looks forward to sharing his inspiration of living life to the fullest with your group.

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